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Roseto degli abruzzi

Roseto degli Abruzzi is a town of 24,533 inhabitants of the Italian province of Teramo in Abruzzo, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and from the mouths of rivers Vomano (south) and Tordino (north). It is one of the major cities of the coast and Teramo, after the capital, is the most populous of his province. The last decade has been affected by significant population growth through the development of some residential areas of the district and the villages of Campo Borsacchio a Mare and Voltarrosto.

The city has a well equipped and very popular seaside resort and its coast is also known under the name of tourist Lido delle Rose. Since 1999 boasts Blue Flag The town began to develop around the railway station built in the sixties of the nineteenth century, with the name of the quotas. In the decade since it was built the first church (dedicated to Santa Filomena) and an elementary school. In 1887, the agglomeration, which was then part of the town of Montepagano, was officially christened ROSBURGO by royal decree. Two years later, to give service to a growing population, was opened in a town registry office (1909). In 1927 the municipal seat was moved from a Montepagano ROSBURGO that, for the occasion, officially changed its name to Roseto degli Abruzzi.

The reason lies that the name of the municipality (ROSBURGO) had among the Italian soldiers during the First World War. This name clearly Germanic, bring to mind the Austrians and Germans against whom the soldiers were fighting. It is said that Li surdat (s) (that the soldiers in the dialect of Teramo), looking out the windows of the train that led them to the front war, did nothing but send boos and insults, when, passing through the station and read the name of town.
The ancient village of Lido delle Rose or Rose, linked its name to the great variety of roses and oleander trees that once adorned its streets and balconies of houses.

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